Some Fabric Choices for Summer Wedding Attire
Looking alluring and stylish can be a challenge when you’re feeling hot and sweaty. Apart from constantly using sweat-absorbing handkerchiefs and hoping that nobody notices, you can take some steps to alleviate that discomfort. The key lies in selecting appropriate fabrics.
A linen suit is a perfect choice when worn correctly, and the results will speak for themselves. The secret is to ensure a perfect fit while adding modern touches with your choice of dress shirts and accompanying accessories. For instance, a two-piece linen suit in sandy or white may appear somewhat plain. However, pairing it with a chambray shirt and comfortable shoes can create an excellent wedding outfit.

In addition to linen, seersucker fabric is a summer-appropriate choice. It’s lightweight, cool, and ideal for warm-weather events like spring and summer weddings. Seersucker fabrics often feature striped or checkered patterns, and they look great when tailored in a relaxed, unstructured manner. However, solid color options can also work.

Denim shirts are a leading fashion trend currently and can look fantastic when combined with suit separates or custom-made attire. The issue is that they’re not the most breathable choice when the sun is shining. A chambray shirt is a slightly cooler alternative, providing a similar look but with more comfort.

Some Outfit Pairing Suggestions for Summer Weddings
Linen Suit:
Linen fabric is the perfect choice to keep you comfortable from a home ceremony to the wedding venue without feeling stuffy. For those who prefer a safe choice, navy blue is the way to go. Pair it with a white dress shirt and black monk strap shoes, and from a distance, no one can tell the difference from a regular suit. If you’re feeling more adventurous, beige or sandy linen suits are classic choices. Combine them with a white or light blue chambray shirt and brown loafers to complete the look.

A contrast of light and dark with separates is a solid choice all year round. In hotter months, consider choosing lighter colors for your pants (stone, white, beige) and darker colors for your jacket. When it’s cooler, do the opposite. There are no strict rules for footwear with this style, but most traditional smart shoe styles will work well.

Breathable Two-Piece Suit:
You might already have these in your wardrobe, but keep in mind that if it’s a wool version, it will be much hotter compared to cotton or linen. In terms of color, light gray, navy, or beige are your best options. Avoid black, as it will make you feel excessively warm. Your shirt choice depends on the dress code, but a white or light blue Oxford shirt with a black tie is a safe bet. Keep accessories simple, and don’t match your tie and pocket square – let your personality shine a bit. Regarding shoes, opt for smart and classic styles. Try a double monk strap or Derby shoes to keep everything refined but not too formal.

Blazer and Polo Shirt:
Currently, wedding attire is more relaxed, especially if the bride or groom is a close friend or relative. A blazer and polo shirt combination is both elegant and comfortable. On the other hand, short-sleeved polo shirts are cooler than long-sleeved dress shirts. You can choose light-colored pants such as white or pastels to create a sunny and breezy summer atmosphere. Pair them with a bright-colored polo shirt and a darker blazer for balance. Finish the look with loafers, stylish sunglasses, and you’ll be a truly dashing gentleman.

Short-Sleeved Shirt with Simple Slacks:
One of the simplest outfits is a short-sleeved shirt with basic slacks. However, opt for a Cuban collar shirt in linen or cotton to keep yourself feeling fresh at the wedding. Additionally, choose a shirt color that’s slightly vibrant. You can select dark trousers and add a touch of sophistication to your outfit with a pocket square. To complete the ensemble, consider stylish, formal shoes and perhaps some trendy accessories.

I hope these outfit suggestions help you look and feel great at summer weddings!

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