Traditional Black Groom:

A black tuxedo is the traditional and most popular choice for grooms, known for its slim, enduring, and sophisticated silhouette.
If you’re worried that traditional styles won’t reflect your personality, don’t fret. While keeping the black color, there are still many ways to make the outfit your own, including various jacket styles, fabric materials, and jacket lengths.
For weddings in colder months, consider opting for a velvet suit. If you want to change the silhouette slightly, a double-breasted jacket is an excellent choice for those who appreciate vintage vibes and want broader, stronger shoulders.
Coordinated with the Bride in White:

White wedding suits are an ideal choice for outdoor weddings during the spring and summer or in warm locations.
Similar to black tuxedos, the fit and fabric material depend on your preference. With a white wedding suit, you can choose to wear black trousers to create a contrasting look with the bride’s white dress.
However, it’s essential to ensure that white outfits harmonize with the bride’s dress color. For example, if the bride’s dress is off-white, then the groom’s suit should match.
Expressing Your Personal Style:

Nowadays, men are not confined to black suits. Many are opting for classic tuxedos in various colors, with forest green being particularly popular. Your wedding is a special and timeless day, so why not choose something fun and unique?
The Modest and Simple Groom:

Some grooms prefer to show a bit of personality without going overboard. For a subtle touch, you can opt for seafoam green or navy. This way, the groom can still express some personal style.
If your wedding is in valley areas, forests, outdoors, or at the beach, brown suits with a touch of sun-kissed color are also an excellent choice. Just remember that lighter colors make the outfit less formal. Similar rules apply to a gray suit.

Linen for Summer or Beach Weddings:

If your wedding takes place on the beach or during the summer, a linen suit may be your best choice. Its lightweight and breathable material will keep you cool on your big day, and its color can help conceal sweat stains.
Light gray or sun-kissed brown can provide both sophistication and comfort.
Don’t Forget About the Shoes:

Choose traditional black oxford shoes for a timeless look. Loafers and suede shoes are also great options for added comfort and to make the outfit appear less rigid.


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