Four wardrobe suggestions for men on how to dress a polo shirt


Today I’d want to talk about a specific kind of t-shirt: the polo shirt. Last week we discussed men’s t-shirts.

It’s the ideal clothing item for many casual everyday life occasions that aren’t completely formal but aren’t sporty either. It’s the ideal compromise between a t-shirt and a dress shirt. Contrary to popular belief, men’s polo shirts are rather special and adaptable.

Polo shirts were worn as uniforms for sports like tennis and golf during the start of the 20th century. Since then, there has been an unrelenting expansion in the colors, designs, and shapes of polos. So much so that today there isn’t a summer outfit that the men’s polo shirt can’t be worn with.

For this reason, we have selected 4 outfit suggestions for men that feature polo shirts.

Business look: polo with casual pants

Since “casual” is polo shirts’ second name, picking the right pair of pants is essential. The ideal pair of pants are unquestionably beige or khaki chinos since the dress code is “casual clothing.”

The polo shirt’s fit is also crucial for this outfit; it shouldn’t be too loose or too tight (it doesn’t have to resemble a tank top!).

You have two options: either leave it out of the pants, as Julian did in his sophisticated beige ensemble, and add sneakers to tone it down, or tuck the polo shirt inside the pants and accessorize with a belt to create a more formal look, as Daniel did.

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Summer look: polo with shorts

The men’s polo shirt and shorts combo is one of my summertime favorites for guys and is ideal for any kind of casual evening. With denim and cargos, it’s a simple ensemble that looks incredibly stylish. I advise you to choose shorts in solid colors. Keep the shirt out of the shorts on casual days, and make sure it fits properly.

Loafers can be used to finish this appearance, but let’s face it—sneakers are the ideal footwear.

Tim is dressed in a beige pair of cargo shorts and a two-tone polo top. To create the ideal aperitif appearance, contrast the cap with the sneakers. Julian is dressed in a traditional beige Ralph Lauren polo and black chino shorts, creating the classic Italian shorts + polo ensemble.

In Italy men usually wear espadrilles for this look, or even flip flops when at the beach.

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Everyday look: polo and jeans

The pairing of jeans and sneakers is one of the timeless fashions for men’s polo shirts. Undoubtedly a summer attire that comes in handy if you’re at a loss for what to wear.

Don’t match the polo’s color with your pants, so choose ones that are sufficiently dark and not too baggy.

Wear a belt, tuck the polo shirt into the jeans, and consider whether the occasion is more formal. Be on the lookout for open collar designs with a tailored fit.

Julian once again nailed this style! I’m considering hiring him to serve as my brother’s personal stylist. I appreciate the choice of moccasins since, despite their elegance, they don’t make the outfit look overly formal.

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For street style lovers: polo with baggy pants

The last but certainly not least piece of advice is for admirers of large sizes. Here’s how to style a men’s polo shirt with loose-fitting slacks. Polo shirts have long been touted as the ideal dress for special events, but with a little imagination, they can also be worn as streetwear.

I’ll tell you that perhaps it’s even simpler to pair them together: first and foremost, sneakers and an oversized polo shirt are necessities for this look (if it were tight it would be a disaster). The most fashionable pair of pants, in my opinion—like those worn by Sadat—are cargos.

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