Top Short-Sleeve Shirt Brands for Summer 


Why do we need short-sleeve shirts?

Short-sleeve shirts are a must-have item for summer due to the comfort and breathability they offer, which long-sleeve shirts cannot match. Additionally, short-sleeve shirts make it easy to stay active in the hot summer weather.

However, not all shirts are suited to your needs. A summer shirt should incorporate elements of a “summer vibe,” feature breathable materials, and offer a stylish design. Alongside this, you should consider some clothing guidelines to select the most suitable short-sleeve shirt for yourself.

Factors for choosing the right short-sleeve shirt for summer:


First, choose a shirt size with the shoulder-to-sleeve seam sitting right at the end of your shoulder, referencing your shoulder size. This ensures a fitted look, suitable for those aiming for a casual style with a mature touch.
Second, opt for a slightly larger shirt with a longer sleeve. The sleeve should drop about 1-2 cm down the arm. This style offers a relaxed fit and suits those who prefer a streetwear look. You can layer it with a tank top or a white T-shirt underneath.
Avoid choosing shirts that are overly tight or excessively loose as they can detract from your overall appearance.

Fabric Material:
When it comes to fabric material, you may not have too many options to ponder. Prioritize shirts made of Oxford cloth, poplin, or linen. These fabrics are among the most popular and preferred for summer. They are known for being lightweight, breathable, and sweat-absorbent.

Color and Patterns:
This is where you can get the most creative. When starting to select a garment, you can opt for neutral color tones for a safe choice. As for patterns, consider small and subtle designs. Hawaiian-style vibrant patterns are suitable for showcasing your sophistication and individuality. Be sure to prioritize patterns and colors that complement your skin tone.

Common short-sleeve shirt styles for summer:

Cuban Collar Shirt:
Cuban collar shirts are a wide-collar style known for comfort and an iconic look. They can serve as an alternative to traditional shirts with classic collars. These shirts pair well with plain T-shirts underneath or vests.

Floral Print Shirts:
Adding vibrant colors and patterns through floral designs can instantly make your day look more dynamic and youthful. Bright color options are suitable for those who love bold shades.

Linen Shirts:
Linen shirts are a summer icon due to their breathability, comfort, and lightweight feel. They are perfect for poolside relaxation, outdoor barbecues, and sunny picnics.

Outstanding brands with beautiful short-sleeve shirt designs:

A Day’s March is a Swedish fashion brand known for contemporary Scandinavian-inspired designs that resonate with many men. Their short-sleeve shirts are often characterized by clean-cut lines and come in various high-quality fabrics to make a favorable impression.

Todd Snyder, after collaborations with GAP and Polo Ralph Lauren, founded his own brand in 2011. The brand gained fame and popularity across the United States, producing high-quality, stylish fashion. Todd Snyder’s short-sleeve shirts feature elegant fits and are crafted from premium materials like Rayon, Ailen linen, and Panama fabric.

Taylor Stitch is known for its strong summer and tropical vibe. The brand draws inspiration from sunny California and creates simple, timeless garments designed for long-lasting use. Taylor Stitch short-sleeve shirts often feature versatile color blocks and multi-colored patterns, perfectly encapsulating the essence of summer.

Orlebar Brown is a luxury resortwear brand from the UK, specializing in summer fashion. Their short-sleeve shirts, with classic Cuban collars and pastel colors, are perfect for pool parties or outdoor events.

Gitman Vintage is one of the oldest and most renowned American heritage fashion brands. Their short-sleeve shirts are inspired by a variety of colorful archives, wild patterns, and bold prints, providing a wide selection for those seeking refined and appealing shirts.

NN07 embraces minimalist style with basic, timeless designs that remain in fashion over time. As fashion increasingly incorporates bright, attention-grabbing colors, NN07’s classic Scandinavian style endures. NN07 short-sleeve shirts often feature finely cut lines and high-quality textures.

Beams Plus draws inspiration from Ivy League fashion and culture, creating elegant, preppy short-sleeve shirts. They range from classic Oxford collar styles to intricate Cuban collar designs, offering a wide selection to suit various tastes.

Stussy, a prominent name in streetwear and street culture, often produces vibrant, tropical-inspired short-sleeve shirts. From neutral-colored logo-branded shirts to colorful patterned options, Stussy consistently appeals to street fashion enthusiasts with its accessible style.

Onia is an American brand known for its summery, neutral-colored, and elegantly designed short-sleeve shirts. These shirts capture


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