How to Style Men’s Outfits in “Smart Casual” Fashion


The “smart casual” style doesn’t demand overly elaborate attire, but it does require precision and elegance. Styling men’s outfits in the “smart casual” fashion should not be rigid or constricting like office wear; instead, it emphasizes the wearer’s sophistication and personality. With “smart casual” style, you can also showcase your creativity and spontaneity in fashion.

Regarding shirts, you should opt for well-fitted, neatly tailored shirts. Short or long sleeves, tucked in or worn untucked, the choice is yours. Some gentlemen prefer button-down shirts for a more sophisticated look, while others prefer a more relaxed fit. You can choose solid-colored shirts in simple shades like black, white, pastels, navy blue, or deep green, or opt for shirts with subtle patterns. In the climate of Vietnam during spring, summer, and autumn, leaving the shirt collar unbuttoned can often make you look more masculine.

To add an element of sophistication, especially for company parties or partner events, consider wearing a blazer on top. A navy blue blazer is always the safest choice, followed by shades of gray or deep green. If the event is not too formal and is unrelated to work, a patterned blazer can make you stand out.

As for trousers, you can choose dress pants, khaki trousers, or jeans according to your preference. The only rule to remember is to opt for neatly tailored trousers that match the color scheme of your chosen shirt.

When it comes to footwear and accessories for the “smart casual” style, there’s no need to be overly intricate, but absolutely avoid flip-flops or sandals. To make your “smart casual” style more refined, it’s also advisable to steer clear of shiny leather shoes, typically reserved for formal parties, unless you want your outfit to appear mismatched. A pair of loafers or classic Oxford shoes is the most appropriate choice.


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