Why You Should Have Neutral-Toned Clothing in Your Wardrobe


Why does the color beige always find favor among fashion enthusiasts? Let’s explore the reasons behind the popularity of this hue with ELLE Man.

When discussing the most versatile and endlessly adaptable color palettes in the world of fashion, one cannot overlook beige. This shade has also been on the radar of fashion houses recently. Let’s discover why the beige color is in high demand.

In recent years, most men’s clothing has been aiming to grab attention with vibrant colors, patterns, and stylized features. Now, this trend is making a comeback through the use of color palettes by fashion houses. Recent men’s collections have featured a range of neutral tones, including charcoal, chocolate brown, deep brown, and sun-kissed shades, as seen in Lemaire, The Row, and Dior.

The distinctive feature of neutral color palettes is their year-round usability and freedom from seasonal limitations. Moreover, they do not limit one’s style, as you can find this shade in both upscale and streetwear or sportswear fashion.

Brands like Jacquemus, Cold Laundry, and Fear Of God are also incorporating earthy and beige tones into clothing items such as bomber jackets, tracksuits, and hoodies.

Furthermore, earthy tones are suitable for both casual and smart-casual attire. For instance, Brunello Cucinelli has introduced an elegant collection featuring light gray and beige shades across products ranging from suits to sportswear. This collection exudes sophistication and comfort.

Wearing neutral-colored clothing exudes a sense of politeness and neatness to those around you. If you know how to coordinate your outfits, this color palette will make your overall appearance look elegant and comfortable. It’s a way to make an impression without the need for flashy logos, brands, or vibrant colors. Additionally, neutral colors offer flexibility in mixing and matching clothing items. You can experiment with beige and other muted tones without worrying about color clashes. Moreover, you can elevate your look by incorporating different fabric textures.

Among the neutral tones, beige has been gaining popularity in recent years. If you are hesitant about trendy seasonal colors, beige is a safe choice as it remains fashionable for years. This shade is considered a “transitional point” between brown and white or ivory, and gray. Therefore, it is extremely versatile. Beige also imparts a clean, comfortable, and elegant look.

Beige is the perfect choice for spring and summer seasons. You can use it as a base tone for your outfits, combining it with light blue, pastel pink, or simply wearing a white T-shirt with beige pants and a beige blazer.

Under the influence of quiet luxury, neutral color palettes continue to be widely used in the fashion industry. It’s time to add a beige pair of pants or a beige shirt to your wardrobe.

Don’t miss out on incorporating this versatile and timeless color into your fashion collection.

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