Based on Fabric Structure

Raw Denim Jeans:
Raw denim is denim that hasn’t been washed or treated. Pure denim enthusiasts appreciate it for this reason. Don’t expect it to be as soft as cotton; raw denim is quite stiff, and you need to know how to wear them.
Due to its initial stiffness, it complements wide-legged styles like straight-leg and wide-leg jeans. Keep in mind that raw denim is quite dark in color, especially in the first few washes.

Stonewash Jeans:
Stonewash jeans have made their way into most men’s wardrobes, offering a contrast to typical jeans. Along with their characteristic faded appearance, they create a more casual and comfortable feel.
The stonewash effect is achieved by washing denim with pumice stones, removing excess dye. This method provides jeans with a particular shade of blue. However, it has environmental impacts due to the need for multiple washes to achieve this effect.

Acid Wash Jeans:
Popularized by punk culture in the 1970s, acid wash jeans provide a more dramatic contrast than stonewash, creating an experimental artistic look. Nowadays, you can find many brands creating creative styles.
These jeans give off a rebellious vibe and work well in denim-focused outfits or as part of a streetwear look influenced by skater culture.

Rinsewash/Darkwash Jeans:
Rinsewash denim is the least processed type. The fabric is briefly washed to remove excess dye and soften the fabric fibers. This results in dark-colored jeans that maintain their dye well without leaving a greenish tint.
It’s an environmentally friendly option. Darker tones add sophistication, so consider slim or tapered fits, and pair them with Chelsea boots, Chukka boots, or loafers.

Distressed Jeans:
Distressed jeans were once the result of extensive wear and tear. Nowadays, you might have to pay extra for pre-made distressed jeans.
A touch of grunge in your outfit can add excitement, just be cautious not to overdo it with large tears. Distressed jeans work well with black and stonewash jeans in casual outfits.

Based on Color

White Jeans:
White jeans are versatile, allowing you to style them in various ways. You can wear them with a simple t-shirt or a navy linen blazer and loafers.
Consider a preppy style with a polo shirt and a lightweight cardigan with white jeans and loafers or go for a rugged look with oversized, baggy clothing.

Black Jeans:
Black jeans shine the most when they’re slim-fit and part of an all-black outfit or a black-and-white contrast.
If you prefer a rebellious feel, you can add patches or distressing to your black jeans or opt for a lighter gray for a rock ‘n’ roll style.
Unlike blue jeans, black ones aren’t suitable for cuffing, so look for straight-leg or tapered fits to pair with Chelsea boots.

Based on Jeans Fit

Straight-Leg Jeans:
Straight-leg jeans might look like you’re wearing your dad’s pants, but they’re the current denim trend. High-waisted, straight-leg styles and cropped cuts are making waves on the fashion scene.
Classic straight-leg jeans work well for those with larger thighs and can be paired with chunky sneakers and an oversized shirt.

Wide-Leg Jeans:
With a boxy shape, wide-leg jeans are a popular fashion trend. Look for good-quality wide-leg jeans in black or light white, and pair them with standout sneakers for a stylish appearance.

Slim-Fit Jeans:
These are perfect for everyday wear. Slim-fit jeans are easy to match with sophisticated shoes like loafers, Chelsea boots, or minimalist sneakers.
The lower the rise, the more casual they look. If you want to wear slim-fit jeans with a polo shirt and blazer, choose a higher-rise pair that sits well on your waist.

Low-Rise Jeans:
Low-rise jeans have a naturally relaxed fit for added comfort. Skinny low-rise jeans should be avoided, as they can lead to exposing too much when bending down.
Low-rise jeans pair well with relaxed fit, making them a great choice for a grungy, oversized hoodie and sweater look.

Skinny Jeans:
Black skinny jeans offer elegance, as Saint Laurent has proven over many fashion seasons. Of course, you need to be slim to pull off skinny jeans.
If you’re working hard for slimmer legs, black skinny jeans can be a stylish reward. Avoid cuffing them, and look for a slimming fit that complements your figure.

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